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GAC GONOW New Models GX6 and GP150 launched in GAC Center
Visits:2030 Published:2014-10-28

On October 28, new SUV model GX6 and high-end pickup model GP150 of GAC GONOW were launched in GAC center, Guangzhou and their prices in China were published, where gasoline GX6 model is RMB109,800--RMB146,800, involving four models and two-wheel-drive diesel and gasoline GP150 is RMB88.800--RMB100.800, involving three models. GX6 and GP150 have two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models and all GP150 models can be four-wheel-drive for your option. They are first models released in GAC center up to now, which indicates the determination of GAC GROUP to develop self-owned brand and its attention to GAC GONOW.


Zhang Fangyou, GAC president, Zeng Qinghong, GAC general manager, Qiao Yadong, GAIG executive deputy general manager, Feng Xingya, GAC executive deputy general manager, Zhang Qingsong, GAC deputy general manager, Wang Dan, GAC deputy general manager, Liu Wei, executive deputy general manger of GAC MITSUBISHI, Wang Qiujing, executive deputy general manger of GAC FIAT, Miu Xuezhong, GAC GONOW deputy chairman, Gao Jingshen, GAC GONOW general manager and Zheng Chunqi, GAC GONOW executive deputy general manager jointly witnessed the historic moment of launch of the two models in China.


GX6 is a model developed by GAC GONOW targeting at the global market for the young and applicable to all road conditions in an aim to create an energetic and maneuverable vehicle for young consumers in order to improve their life quality. Integrating U-shaped dynamic line most fashionable at present with robust, elegant, scientific and European design elements, following scientific configuration and all-around safety design of luxurious SUV, combining double characteristics of urban and off-road riding and featuring free maneuverability, GX6 is under chase of the young and catches much attention every since its appearance in Beijing automobile exhibition in April. Gao Jingshen, general manager of GAC GONOW said on the launch ceremony: “official launch of GX6 not only enriches our existing SUV product line but also marks our successful transformation from a medium-and-low-end SUV manufacturer to a medium-and-high-end manufacturer and our evolution to a brand new stage.” As the first representative luxurious SUV of GAC GONOW, GX6 is recognized by the public in terms of its performance, the most core part of a vehicle.


广汽吉奥 吉奥GX6 2015款 2.4L 四驱旗舰版


GP150 is a new high-end pickup launched by GAC GONOW based on demand of the global market. It has larger body dimension compared with TROY series, an existing pickup model of GAC GONOW and is suitable for all road conditions. GP150 is fashionable and outstanding in appearance and applies decorative elements such as piano lacquer and chrome plating in interiors; size and loading capacity of its cargo compartment tops its counterparts; its seating space is satisfactory with use of comfortable leather seat with punching design; it is equipped with various scientific configurations such as MP5, multifunctional leather steering wheel, headlamp height regulation, etc. GP150 prevails with its fashionable, high-end, comfortable and safe appearance and interiors and strides forward in the aspect of material, workmanship and safety configuration for pickup manufacture, a kind of strength surely to be affirmed. In addition, GP150 is added with SUV design elements on the basis of endurance of traditional pickups to cater to a multiple demands of users such as work, entertainment and life. Birth of GAC GONOW GP150 pickup opens a new era of pickup design and manufacture.


广汽吉奥 吉奥GP150 2014款 基本型



With launch of the two new models, GAC GONOW concentrates its strength on self-owned brand SUV and pickup. GAC GONOW has made another huge yet substantial stride in the strategic road to realize leaping development and perfect product assortment and has displayed to the world its development speed and powerful product competitiveness.


The year 2014 is the fourth year the joint venture GAC GONOW is established and the year witnessed its leaping forward. Looking back to the past four years, GAC GONOW, the mixed economic entity under cooperation of state-owned enterprise and private enterprise is revealing its unique vitality and forwarding with steady steps in increasing competitive domestic and foreign markets. Sticking to the development ideology of “new quality attentive service”, the everlasting pursuit of GAC GONOW is always to sincerely return consumers.


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