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GAC GONOW Taizhou Base cooperation project was formally signed
Visits:519 Published:2014-09-30

On the morning of the September 30th, CMC of Taizhou Bay circular economy industrial agglomeration Zone and GAC GONOW Automobile Co., Ltd. formally signed "GAC GONOW Taizhou base Cooperation Agreement" in the Great Hall of the Zhejiang Province, Taizhou City's Government and Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Gonow Holdings Limited witness the ceremony.

Provincial Committee Wang Huizhong, Provincial Deputy Secretary Zhang Changfang; Taizhou Mayor Zhang Bing, Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yin Xuequn, the city government Secretary-General Chen Cai Jie; Zeng Qinghong, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group, Guangzhou Automobile Group Vice Chairman, GAC GONOW chairman Yuan Zhongrong, Zhejiang Gonow holding Group Chairman, GAC GONOW Vice Chairman Miao Xuezhong, attended the signing ceremony.

GAC GONOW Taizhou base expansion plan has a very important significance for the Guangzhou Automobile Group, GAC GONOW,Taizhou city government and Taizhou Bay gathering area. It is understood that GAC GONOW’s original Luqiao base size and facilities has been difficult to meet the production requirements of the new product development and innovation of enterprises, construction of a new production base has become an urgent need for its transformation and upgrading. Planning base is located in Taizhou NEW east area, the plan is to be a base which can build a centralized domestic high-end pickup, SUV vehicles and core parts development, production and sales in one with product development capabilities, complete vehicle production bases, and complete supporting system. Planning and construction of the base, will effectively promote economic, tax, employment, and development of the automobile industry chain downstream of Taizhou. Next few years, GAC GONOW will have more new models introduced, including GAC GONOW Taizhou base that will host one of the important production tasks.

Base construction plan in two phases, one phase of the project will build production base with an annual output 150,000 pickups, SUV vehicle and ancillary components. The future will need to scroll according to market development, and strive to become an annual output of 300,000 industrial base, the estimated total investment is 5 billion yuan.

Professionals say that the official signing of GAC GONOW Taizhou base cooperation agreement, not only effectively promote the local economy, taxation, employment, as well as upstream and downstream of the automotive industry chain, it is GACGONOW leapfrog development and strategic transformation needs, but also in line with Guangzhou Automobile Group Construction large independent brand development plan. Next few years, GAC GONOW will have more new models launched, with the planning and construction of the GAC GONOW Taizhou base, which will also carry more production tasks. In the Chinese automotive market, "Golden decade", the GAC GONOW as leader of domestic mixed ownership reform, pioneer of gesture to open the way to explore the mixed economy, and have achieved some success. Today the official signing at GAC GONOW Taizhou base, is laying the foundation for further development of GAC GONOW.

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