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Global first passenger car with online sales----“E-mage” of GAC GONOW launch
Visits:1468 Published:2014-05-28

The global first passenger car with online sales of GAC GONOW “E-mage” was launched into the market in Dongying, Shandong on May 28. The launch conference took blue as the main tone, building technical and modern feeling. Over 800 guests from all societies witnessed the launch of GAC GONOW “E-mage”. Gao Jingshen, GM of GAC GONOW declared the prices of different models: 69800 Yuan for 1.6L comfortable MT; 78800 Yuan for 1.6L luxury MT; 96800 Yuan for 1.6 L Premium AT.

Many leaders in Dongying have attended the activity, including Zhang Fangyou, Chairman; Yuan Zhongrong, GAC, Vice Chairman; Miao Xuezhong, Vice chairman and Gao Jingshen, GM, GAC GONOW. The significant media of E-business also attends the launch. The launch conference was hosted by Yin Jie, chief of PR, GAC.

The complete online sales proposed by GAC GONOW became the focus on the launch, which is another innovation of GAC GONOW in the world, called the revolution in automobile E-business. It is known that the models will be sold in Shandong and Guangdong. The functions of the traditional channel 4S store will shift to experience and service rather than sales. The consumers will buy the vehicle on the online sales platform established by GAC GONOW. In the future, GAC GONOW will make it easy to buy vehicle online, just liking buying a mobile.

Gao Jingshen, GM of GAC GONOW is fully confident about the online sales. Chairman Yuan indicated that the brand new sales mode of online sales is released for the first passenger car, it is totally different from the traditional mode. It is the innovation on the vehicle sales history as well as a prove for great potential of independent automobile brand.

It is regarded that online sales of GAC GONOW “E-mage” is to build “Apple” in the automobile industry. The existing resources and service advantages of GAC GONOW are able to support the prediction.



E-mage: exquisite passenger car build on “grand GAC” platform


GAC GONOW “E-mage” is developed by GAC Institute with international standard. The parts are purchased globally. It is an exquisite passenger car with international quality.

 “E-mage” adopts dual-cross strip front intake grid design, matching perfectly with the round headlamp and chrome plated round fog lamps. Sharp streamline profile is adopted for the side wall. The tail line is tilted up, providing sport style. The dimension of GA passenger car is 4635*1790*1490(mm), with wheelbase of 2620mm, longer than Chaunqi GA3, better than Great Wall C50 and Emgrand EC7 A segment.

 “E-mage” uses 4-wheel independent suspension system. The excellent chassis suspension system is calibrated by Porsche engineering, approved by German and Italy track, accepted by Asia-Europe road tests. The effrost bring better operation. The configuration is amazing: 3D glory aviation instrument cluster and Bluetooth device are available. “ E ”cool onboard system is equipped to connect the vehicle with your mobile. The vehicle start, AC can be activated by App, realizing excellent configuration.

Zhang Fangyou, Chairman of GAC GONOW said that “E-mage” is built by GAC Automobile Institute on the same platform of Chuanqi GA3. It is the exquisite passenger car with international quality and inherits the quality of independent R&D. The advantages of the independent brands passenger car of GAC could supplement with each other. It is worth mentioning that GAC GONOW “E-mage” adopts complete online sales mode. This innovative marketing mode will make new breakthrough of E-business in automobile industry.

Mr.Miao xuezhong, GM of GAC GONOW promised that GAC GONOW “E-mage” will inherit the “new quality and considerate service”. The purchaser will enjoy the “return within 7 days, no reasons” policy of GONOW. GAC GONOW releases a series of actions to guarantee the network security and aftersales service.

Quality and service is the basic point of GAC GONOW innovation development. In order to guarantee the strategy of “new quality and considerate”, the software and hardware of the company is greatly improved. Gao Jingshen, GM emphasizes that the improvement of the competitive strength is the core task of the company for the future development, including new guideline, policy, as well as the improvement of R&D, production, quality and marketing system. 

The innovative sales mode of GAC GONOW “E-mage” is considered as the revolution in the automobile industry, making it focus on the experience and service of the consumers.














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