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GAC GONOW First Sedan Offline Launch “New Engine” Ceremony
Visits:1481 Published:2013-12-28

On Dec 27, 2013, the first GAC GONOW sedan went offline in the production site in Dongying, Shandong. GAC sedan (code: GA), built by GAC Institute, is exquisite Class A sedan and is expected to be launched into market in the first half of the next year. Meanwhile, on the sedan offline ceremony, GAC GONOW promises to establish “GAC GONOW Sincere Care Foundation” with investment of RMB 5 million to repay to the society and explain the development concept “enterprise owns to the society”. The leaders, guests from GAC Group, GONOW and Dongying government, as well as hundred of dealers and media from the nation witnessed the successful offline of the first GAC GONOW sedan.





Revolutionary in sedan segment, independently developed and manufactured by GAC

With production of new model, GAC GONOW has officially entered into the sedan segment. Therefore, full development of 5 segments has been formed. The offline of GA sedan represents the solid and significant step in the strategy of development and production portfolio improvement.  

Dual-cross strip front intake grid is designed for GA, Matched with plump headlamp and chrome plated round fog lamp, it fully reflected the design concept of common sedan for family. As for powertrain, according to introduction of Huang Xiangdong, President of GAC Institute, the first CAG GONOW sedan equipped with 1.6L naturally aspirated engine with manual and auto transmission as options. The engine max output power is 90 kw with torque of 153NM. In the future, 1.3T small displacement turbocharged engine, independently developed by GAC will be installed on other models of CAG GONOW.

The first sedan of CAG GONOW is expected to become the revolutionary in this segment to lead the trend of the market. After the launch of the first sedan of CAG GONOW, it will be the new growing point of CAG independent brand of Class A sedan segment. It is believed firmly that GAC GONOW will have a brilliant show in 2014.



Combining practicability and high cost performance; first sedan focusing on 2-tier and 3-tier market

When talking about the positioning and market expectation o f the product, Miao Xuezhong, Vice Chairman and GM of GAC GONOW expressed on the ceremony that GAC GONOW choose to enter into the market with the economic sedan and try to win the competition “from bottom to top”. Therefore, GA is designed as exquisite Class A sedan for family in 2-tier and 3-tier markets. The functions focus on the family mobility and ride instead of walking. GA confirm the advanced development concept of high efficiency, fuel saving, flexible operation and wide space at the beginning of design.


In GAC GONOW’s opinion, the competition in Class A segment is severe. As a new comer in this segment, if GA wants to gain the market share, GA must win the recognition of the customer at the very beginning. Therefore, the first sedan of GAC GONOW made its great effort in the configuration: 3D glory aviation combined instrument panel and Bluetooth transmission is available. T-BOX “e-cool” onboard system is provided to connect the phone to the vehicle. Vehicle remote start, AC heating/cooling can be controlled via mobile phone APP. The functions of the sedan have premium practicability and cost performance with the ability to compete with other competitors.


According to speech of Liu Xiang, GM of Dongying Brach, GAC GONOW hopes that the sedan is far more than a product but to provide a new experience and life style to the customer by the advanced high technology and comfortable riding fun.


Supplementing sedan segment; GAC GONOW has formed the five major product lines' matrix


It took only a year from the project starting in Dongying to official offline. GONOW has gained much experience from GAC for three years since the establishment of joint venture: with the R&D strength of GAC Institute, the new products are released more rapidly. At the same year when MPV Starry was launched, the first sedan followed immediately. GAC GONOW has overcome the high access barrier. At present, GAC GONOW has form matrix of SUV, MPV, pick-up, mini vehicle and sedan in passenger and commercial vehicle segments, with great impact on the automobile market with the rich portfolio. GAC GONOW is the manufacturer with the most complete product line in the independent brand automobile manufacturers.

In 2013, GAC GONOW has achieved the strategic transfer results: launch of first high- and medium-end MPV, first sedan offline, enterprise ready to enter into passenger vehicle. By crossing the first barrier of sedan, the future of GAC GONOW is promising!


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