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Visits:1296 Published:2013-11-21

November 21st, 2013, The 11th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition grandly opened. The Chinese independent brand giants GAC GONOW carried strong product lineup of eight cars on the exhibition with the theme of "New quality,Heart service". At the Auto show, GAC GONOW played various neat tricks, brought up kinds of highlights. Unlike the other car manufacturers, GAC GONOW didn't focus on the new car’s release, but focus on old cars of million kilometers and golden users .The owner of million kilometers old car introduced his driving experience, this is easy-going, convincing to customer, but also a direct footnote to the theme of "New quality, Heart service". GAC GONOW's new sedan debuted with modest luxury appearance; the form of "gold car" appearance gave the field audience great curiosity and concern.



We have learned, in press conference, to tie in with the launch of the " New quality, Heart service " theme at the auto show, GAC GONOW unveiled a GONOW pickups that has been driving million kilometers for 10 years, the car owner, Mr. Lin, told the audience about the moving story of " man and car", "quality and service" with his own experiences. Mr. Lin introduced the entrepreneurial process and experience of driving on the scene, and that demonstrates the outstanding performance of GAC GONOW quality and service. Mr. Lin said: "10 years ago, I just started a business, and bought a GONOW pickup for the convenience of cargo. This car’s price is very low at that time, but the space is particularly large, the power is good, and this car is of really good quality. Until Now it has been driving for 10 years and nearly one million kilometers, and it has really made ​​a contribution to me for all the time. Although GONOW wasn’t a big brand at that time, but was very careful on the service, never treated customers carelessly. "



Of particular concern, the general manager of GAC GONOW , Mr. Miao Xuezhong made commitments to consumers in the face of media that if they are not satisfied after buying starry, GAC GONOW will provide unconditional return, replacement within a week , and  at the same time also promise to do the fastest service rate , the best service quality , the lowest service cost . Such great strength of privilege and public commitment is the first in the industry, has caused wide attention of the society.



Mr. Miao pointed out that  the development history of the world class auto brands and the practice of China's auto market has proved that no matter how fast the Automotive technology change , regardless of the way how the energy replace, there are two significant elements that we must seize : the first is quality, the second is service . If we don’t do well Both, the independent brands will face huge difficulties in the future.



At the auto show, the GAC GONOW's first GA platform sedan unveiled for the first time. The way GAC GONOW’s whole new sedan debut can be remarkable, it can be said to be both low-profile and luxury, both stunning and restrained. Due to the time of coming into season officially did not declare ,GAC GONOW built a glass house specially for the GA sedan, the audience can only have a glimpse from the refraction of glass house and the front window glass of the car , only vaguely saw the body and interior, this can be said to be quite low- profile, and on the contrary this has caused the curiosity of the audience, resulting the booth popularity  rises urgently; On the other hand this car has been clothed in gold, gold light shined to the audience eyes , it can be said quite stunning , and with appearance of well-known model Iris Yang on the scene made GAC GONOW get  enough attention!



It is reported that the car is a sedan model developed by the GAC R&D institute, will come into the delicate family sedan market in the future. The GA sedan's debut marked that the GAC GONOW has sounded the horn of entering the car market. GAC GONOW did not disclose more information about when the GA sedan will come into the market, but we know the sedan should not far from mass production already from the model under the golden clothes.


Besides the sedan that has caused wide public concern, GAC GONOW also exhibited a total of 4 starry models, including a high-end Starry MPV that has been refitted ,the MPV not only has spacious and comfortable internal space, and also have all kinds of interior upgraded, this give people the sense of land business car. Since Starry model come into market in August this year, based on "starry good sound", "starry carnival" activity, there is blowing a strong starry whirlwind throughout the country. Five” starry good voice “champions singing together on the GAC GONOW booth become beautiful scenery of the auto show. It is understood that due to the high-end configuration of and populist price, starry has get more than one thousand units orders at present; the Starry model is in short supply.



The GAC GONOW also exhibited two Aoosed GX5 models; one of them is very popular with colorful cosmetic clothes. Aoosed GX5 swept champion, runner-up of production group and  the team grand champion with excellent performance at the 2013 China International Taklimakan Rally held this year, and have became the biggest highlight of this year Taklimakan Rally. And after that in the 2013 Alxa Cross-country hero meeting, Aoosed GX5 also won the "Best off-road vehicles” award after competing with Wrangler, Raptor team.



2013 is the third year of a joint venture between GAC GROUP and GONOW Auto, and it’s a critical period of gaining power. Mr.Miao Xuezhong said the 2014 year will be a leaping year; there will be more new models pushing into the market. And at the same time, GAC GONOW will strive to succeed besides tamping the foundation and accelerating the transformation based on service and quality.


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