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Visits:2366 Published:2013-08-21

GAC GONOW compact MPV Starry was launched in Hangzhou, China on the night of August 20. Nearly a thousand people including guests from various sectors, media, GAC GONOW dealers and suppliers witnessed the ceremony. Miao Xuezhong, GM of GAC GONOW declared that the strategic MPV Starry was formally launched and publicized the models and prices. 

The first batch of Starry equips with Mitsubishi 1.5L engine and two variants are available. As the strategic model of GAC GONOW with three years efforts, the launch of Starry will provide a solid foundation for GAC GONOW to develop business in automobile market in China. The standard of domestic compact MPV is defined again.

Benchmarking of compact MPV

It is known that Starry is the first MPV of GAC. It is a MPV based on brand new platform in 21st century and integrated multiple functions of passenger car and commercial vehicle. According to the insiders, Starry can be regarded as “benchmarking” model. With fashionable appearance and magnificent style, the MPV is in the leading position in terms of comfort, safety and dynamics.

As for the comfort, the model adopts the Macpherson front independent suspension and longitudinal torsional rear independent suspension that are widely used on medium- and high-end passenger cars, which could bring high ride performance and loading capacity. Meanwhile, adaptive steering technology is used to enhance the stability of MPV at high speed. Starry is developed strictly following NVH performance development procedures. Through NVH performance test, NVH simulation analysis and phase tests of the competitor models, the noise insulation effect could compare with the passenger car. As for the space of MPV concerned by the users, Starry has the largest space in the same segment with height of 1705mm, length of 4405mm and wheelbase of 2730mm. The dimension exceeds the independent models such as Wuling Hongguang, Changan Honor, even Nissan NV200. The design maximizes the head, foot and loading space, greatly improving the ride comfort and loading convenience, providing maximum body space in the same segment.

As for the safety, Starry adopts integral body, FF drive, airbags, ABS+EBD system and BA brake auxiliary brake system. The Starry has passed 100% complete front impact and 40% deviated impact test, meeting the target score of 2012 C-NCAP(≥44). With 165R14CT tire, the driving stability is better and the safety of the vehicle is greatly improved. 4 reverse radars are equipped to enhance the safety of the stop/start.

As for the dynamics, Starry features with fuel-saving, environment protection as well as high power. Starry has 1.5L and 1.3L models available. 1.5L model adopts advanced and sophisticated Mitsubishi 4A91 powertrain with max power of 77 kw, realizing perfect balance of dynamic performance, fuel economy and driving fun. 

Unique quality

Besides the basic functions of the similar models, Starry of GAC GONOW has many unique technical configurations that other models don’t have.

One-key start: to rapidly start or stop, just apply brake and press ENGINE START or STOP, cancelling the fussy start procedures.

Full vision reverse parking system: 6 sensors could monitor the surrounding of the vehicle at real time. Visual and audio reminding is provided to ensure the driving and parking safety. Open the full vision system, you will see a four-direction reminding on the colorful screen and you can select in front, back, left and right at will. Starry has this unique configuration that is not available on many medium and high end passenger car.

Multifunctional steering wheel: Starry is equipped with a leather steering wheel with mute set, Bluetooth hand free, volume adjustment and mode adjustment. It is comfortable with easy operation to greatly improve the driving safety.

Comfortable leather seat has the function of the considerable driver seat heating, safe automatic sensing locking device. The unique configurations demonstrate the high technology of Starry, fine design and production concept of “user-oriented”.

Precise positioning of the target group

As a multifunctional MPV, Starry intends to meet various demands of the business sector, meeting the commercial reception and loading requirements in working and the family time in weekend. It is also applicable for the owners who desire for the space, comfort and multifunction to meet the various demands of the consumers.

The target groups of Starry are people who develop their career rapidly, pursuit for happy future of the family and seek for the meaning of the life. They can be pillar of the family and the leader in the business. They need affordable multifunctional vehicle with high quality to support their business and family.

Miao Xuezhong, GM of GAC GONOW expressed that Starry carries the dream of people of GAC GONOW. They will make all their efforts to build compact MPV and provide the consumers with new driving experience of high quality, high cost performance and high-standard service and establish new standard for domestic compact MPV.

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