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GAC GONOW AOOSED GX5 —— Championship of 2013 Taklimakan Rally
Visits:3336 Published:2013-07-08

July 6,2013, Chinese Taklimakan (International) Rally successful conclusion in Hami. After more than 4000 km、9 stages、12 days of fierce competition and cruelty elimination, the winner of the championship of each group has finally determined. This session of “T” Rally participated with total 42 teams, 115 cars, Whether entry size, stage mileage or difficulties level, all surpassed previous rally. As the first entry of independent New Race, GAC GONOW AOOSED GX5 Taklimakan fleet, Not only successfully completed all stages of the game,but also beat Japan's Suzuki and other teams, swept the first runner-up of volume production group (original group) creating a debut on twos miracle and become the biggest focus of this event.

GAC GONOW win Golden Helmet award, vendor Cup Award and production champion, runner-up models and other awards at this rally, achieve a "Grand Slam". GAC GONOW Brand Director said in winning the scene:“Experienced a long stage and the desert, flood, saline, swamps, heat and other harsh conditions of the test, all the teams that reached the end are winners. Taklimakan Rally verified AOOSED GX5’s excellent passing ability, handling and excellent off-road performance, This 'go fight' champion, shows AOOSED GX5’s true and excellent quality.”

Since the start in Xinjiang at June 25, Racing line covered area of Hami Basin, spit Shan care Basin, Taklimakan Desert, the Tianshan Mountains, etc. Complex road and extreme hot climate, is severe challenge for all vehicles. The race finished at July 6, Departure of 115 racing cars only 56 remains.

AOOSED GX5 shows excellent performance go through the water

AOOSED GX5 shows temperament of hero.

AOOSED GX5 gallop at track

GX5 down homeopathy

Desert track

None road can stop the wheels of AOOSED GX5

AOOSED GX5 motivated, land and water

Turnaround from quagmire AOOSED GX5 powerful landing.

AOOSED GX5 courage, victory lies ahead.

AOOSED GX5 into the desert.

Desert cavalry, brave fearless

AOOSED GX5   chariot footer

AOOSED GX5 tiger in Desert.

AOOSED GX5 getting closer to the champion

Courage, victory in hand

Rolling sand

GX5 swept like a blue flame

Rapid turn      drift flick      cleanly action

AOOSED GX5 in sandstorm

Ramped, sponsored sprint to the finish

GAC Gonow Rally Team players cheering for the racing triumphant return

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