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Part of Our Supports

Free technical support during the whole process.
  1. Pre-period: We will provide you with the most possible scheme for KD project according to your factory drawing, workers designs, equipments supply, market and other resources;
  2. First period: We will invite you to have a visit and communication in our company, which will make you familiar with our product and technology. The body parties will confirm the project detail schedule;
  3. Mid period: We will send engineers to have an all-round guidance in your workshop and production line, and train your technicians till they can produce our cars independently, and provide whole set of KD technical documents. We also will require your workers to take training in our factories until they are well done;
  4. Later period: We'll send after-sales team to your company to have an all-round after-sales service, including claim, quality improvement, technical guidance, if needed, we can help you to improve the after-sales system;
Perfect business support.
  1. Equipment investment support
  2. CBU sample for free support
  3. KD price discount support
  4. Sole agency support
  5. Perfect after-sales system
  6. Others.
Different types of cooperation way considered.
Such as business type, technical cooperation type, Joint venture type, sole proprietorship and so on.
PHONE: 86-571-82955176 82955177 82955178       
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