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GAC GONOW Overseas KD Project Cooperation Introduction

Although there are huge quantity vehicles export to all of the world from Chinese independent brands and the quantity increase 20% every year, there are more and more policies from different countries to limit Chinese CBU vehicles export business, the importers also meet more and more pressures and risks on traditional trading business, many of them become bankrupt due to vicious competition. To follow this trend, GAC GONOW has started strategic transformation from 2009 at the background of stable internal market and strive to accelerate the speed of KD project. All of the KD projects surely be supported by all the overseas local governments and bring much more benefit for good vehicle importers. We have already established KD plants in Africa, Middle East and South East Asia with 8 production lines, with annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year. To increase the overseas KD plant, and with the development of time and follow with globalization, we are carrying out overseas KD cooperation, and we now sincerely invite you to join us to create the bright future!



PHONE: 86-571-82955176 82955177 82955178       
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