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The Most Concerned Mini-Van

2010 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition was closed on May, 2, 2010. What impressed us most were various kinds of new vehicles, famous brand and beautiful models. However, we can focus on what we see on the exhibition. Rewards of 2010 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, sponsored by was on public. There are 3 categories of rewards, vehicle models, exhibition stands and models. Luckily, GONOW mini-van, Way was on list, which was named as the most concerned mini-van.

GONOW Will Continue to Serve Customer

Started from Pickup and mini-van, GONOW has been in the auto field for 7years.on the 2010 Beijing Auto Show, we saw GONOW the first time on the show. Today, we are very glad to welcome our guest Ruan zaosheng, General Manager of Zhejiang GONOW Import and Export Co., ltd. And talk about GONOW.

Agencies Reunion on GONOW Overseas Market

GONOW Auto 2010 international commercial conference was held in Beijing on April 26, 2010 with the theme of “Today, Tomorrow, Together”. 72 partners from 35 countries all over the world gathered together to discuss the development of the overseas market.

One Scene on Beijing Motor Show

The 11th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2010) was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center from April 25 -May 2, 2010 with the theme of “Fantasying The Green Future”.GONOW attended the show with its SUVs, Pickup and mini-van, which showed the ability of Chinese-made auto and also the confidence and strength of layout in global market by GONOW Auto. There are 6 models during the show, of which GS-2 is the new SUV, named Aoosed. It is a luxury and super level SUV, and also a milestone on the original brand manufacture (OBM) in China. Miao Xuezhong, chairman of GONOW Auto and Fan Wei, statute ambassador of GONOW Auto and famous movie star made an introduction for Aoosed.

GAC & GONOW Win-Win Cooperation

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "GAC") and Zhejiang GONOW Group(hereinafter ”GONOW Auto”) signed the strategic cooperation at Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province on April 26,2010. Leaders from national industry, Zhejiang province, Guangzhou city, Hangzhou city, Taizhou city and Dongying city as well as guests from all walks of life attended the signing ceremony. the signature of the agreement means the GAC and GONOW Auto will continue self-innovation, improve original brand manufacture(OBM) and explore the auto market based on the complement on each other and win-win. It is a milestone on the restructuring of the Chinese auto industry.

Auto China 2010--GONOW Will Present With Innovation

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